• What is Artist Media Management (AMM)?
Artist Media Management is a promotion and communication organization specifically planning for opera singers, instrumentalists, conductors, ensemble and vocal ensemble.
AMM makes use of  Web instruments to promote and make known the Artist Image. It is a sort of container where you can find the Artist necessary services. In essence it is a concrete possibility which helps improving your activity, with the aim to reach a result.
Find out in this video how much AMM is essential!
  • Why should I subscribe to Artist Media Management?
AMM is the response to a real need. We are all aware that the Web is the most powerful channel to get concrete results. You often approach the Web in a messy and dispersive way, but this happens just because you don’t know how to make the best use of it. So AMM collaboration is fundamental. AMM is what you need.
Moreover the subscription is an important step which allow the Artist to benefit from all the Artist Media Management activities and promotion, especially the organization funded services.
  • What do I get being an AMM Artist?
Surely you’ll get an improvement we can describe in a few points.
– MEMBERSHIP: to be seen as an AMM Artist will give you a professional value.
– IMAGE: your image is get stronger by the instruments you can use to reach your goal. Artist Video Profile, International, Roster, Artist Interview, AMM TV.
– SUPPORT: you have a staff available to consult with and to develop your activity as better as possible.
  • What are AMM multimedia instruments?
The main and necessaries AMM multimedia instruments are:
– Artist Video Profile
– International Roster
– Artist Interview
  • What is “Artist Video Profile”?
Artist Video Profile (AVP) is the first and the most important instrument AMM uses to promote the Artist. This is a short but essential and creative video (about 2 minutes) which summarizes your career, your activities, your main skills. It sums up briefly who you are. The lenght is not minor because it is proven that short term videos are more seen than long ones, and what is basic is that the audience will be inclined to see the whole clip if this is not too lengthy. People generally are always too busy. How many times have you send CV or videos without having any answer? What is the secret? Immediacy, strength, essentiality: all the features the AVP has and which allow in a few minutes to understand who is the Artist and what are their skills.
Here is an AVP example:
  • What is “Artist Interview”?

Artist Interview (AI) is an excellent way to know you better (the Artist), to hear what you have to say, to find out who you are (in life and in work) from your words, to establish a more personal connexion with you, with your passion. Here is an AI example:



  • What is “AMM TV”?

“AMM TV” is another important funded service. Through this web video channel Artist Media Management broadcasts Artists material in streaming such as Video Profiles, Interviews, live concerts and many other special events. This instrument allow to be seen in every part of the world from who you want.


  • Can I take live concerts if I join AMM?

Artist Media Management works in close cooperation with Concertopera Agency which deals with planning all the necessary ways to do live concerts, musical events and AMM projects. The Agency looks for the cast which needs from AMM at first and work hardly to make their events come true. Francesco Mancuso (Concertopera Director) always examines Artist Video Profiles. AMM Artists can ask the organization more information about a personal project.


  • How much it cost AMM subscription?

In AMM you find affordable prices, accessible to all of you. You, with AMM help, will choose the best plan for your purpose and will always decide what you want and can do at a reduced cost.


  • Am I bound by AMM terms and conditions?

No, you aren’t. Artist Media Management doesn’t bind its Artists in no way and they could also use their Video Profile as they wants without paying any fee. AMM doesn’t ask any royalties from all Artists events, but the organization would be happy to know their activities anyway to update AMM social pages and news.


  • What does it mean “sponsored”?

AMM strongly believe in its aim, so invests money to get to know everything about it such as activities, Website, Roster, Video Profile and so on.